There are plenty of options when looking into which siding that fits your budget and taste. We have Vinyl siding: Insulated and non-insulated, metal, hardie board, aluminum, and tongue and groove siding choices available. Each of these options are great choices.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is versatile and long lasting with little to no maintenance. There are 36 colors available to choose from and two finishes which are woodgrain and smooth. Its durable, low maintenance, it looks great, price is economical, and the virtually endless amount of colors makes choosing vinyl a great choice.

With the insulated siding that we also have available will help lower energy bills and adds more value to your home or place of business. Most building have insulation between the studs in the exterior walls. But heating and cooling can escape through gaps and holes around doors and windows as well as across the wall studs. This solves the issue of heating and cooling escaping around windows and doors as well as along the studs with the extra layer of insulation on the exterior of the building.

Siding Options other then Vinyl

We have metal panels available for siding for a non-traditional look. Hardie Board system is a great option as well. There are plenty of choices with this system to fit your budget and tastes. Aluminum siding styles are similar to vinyl siding though you won’t find as many options as vinyl. Both have horizontal and vertical styles. Horizontal siding has a look of lapped wood. Common styles are 4”, 5” and 6”. Vertical boards and baton aluminum siding is also made to be 4”, 5” and 10” and siding ranges from 0.19” to 0.24”. The thicker the material the more resistance to wind it will be and the more it will usually cost.

Vinyl Siding
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Metal SIding
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Vinyl Siding
Vinyl Siding
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Siding Repair

During siding installation and repairs underlying issues might be discovered once the old siding has been removed. Now is the time to address them. Here is a list of repairs that are commonly made during siding installation. Bowed or cupped plywood or OSB sheathing are structural imperfections that will be visible through the siding and must be replaced before new siding is installed. This work can slow down the siding project and could add costs.

  • Repair Rot: gaps in the old siding, missing caulking and broken gutters allow water to soak the wood framing in the home. Wood rot is common in fascia and the house framing around doors and window openings. In severe cases sheathing might need to be replaced and the repair is address as stated above.
  • Installing weather-resistant barrier, this is commonly called house wrap or Tyvek. House wrap wasn’t available when many houses were last sided, or what is there may need replacing. The barrier prevents rot and mold, and it helps stop air leaks that drive up heating and cooling costs. It’s a reasonable expense that pays for itself a few years down the road.

We Offer More Then Just Siding

We Install and Repair Asphalt Roofing, Metal Roofing, Flat Roofing For Commercial and Residential.